Clean Food Challenge Day 3 — What I miss most

April 4, 2012 0 Comments

This week I’m doing the Clean Food Challenge — a week of restricted eating in the form of no wheat, no dairy, no meat, no processed foods, no refined sugar, and no alcohol. A week of beautiful nutrient rich eating in the form of lots of green veggies and fresh fruits along with super hydration in the form of a gallon of water per day.

Today I’m practicing being vulnerable and sharing with you what is the most difficult part of the CFC for me. 

Giving up alcohol for the week is definitely the most challenging part of the CFC, for me.

You see, my nightly wind-down ritual involves a cold beer after the kids are in bed. I usually only have one. On rare Saturday nights I might have two. There isn’t any major drinking going on. It is like a nightly ritual, the key to me calming down, letting go of the day, doing some work, watching TV, connecting with my husband.

I miss my nightly beers. Even more than I miss milk in my coffee, or that 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee for that matter, or chocolate or bread.

Why did I say this is me being vulnerable? Because the topic of drinking can be a loaded one. That load isn’t one I care to get into. But suffice it to say I feel vulnerable admitting that my nightly beer is what I miss the most doing the CFC.

What do you miss most? What is the most difficult thing to give up during the CFC for you?

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