Clean Food Challenge Conclusions

April 10, 2012 0 Comments

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The Clean Food Challenge came to a close Monday morning. It was a successful week for me. However, if I knew that the week was going to end up the way it did (way busier and stressful than I initially thought) I never would have planned to do the CFC.

This is an important lesson for me.

Life is always going to throw curve balls. Some are good. Some are bad. The curve balls make for easy excuses to fall back into bad habits, or start new ones.

I had a super stressful day at work. I’m having a glass of wine right when I get home.

My daughter was up all night teething. I’m having a big brownie and watching reality TV.

I got a speeding ticket on the way home from work. Forget making a healthy dinner — we’re going out for pizza and beer!

This week I stayed the course with the CFC, despite some nail-biting stressors and big life decisions (and Easter candy!). I’m so glad I did.

This round of the CFC (my 4th?) was by far my very best ever. I felt absolutely amazing. The best way to describe it is my body felt looser, like all my joints were well lubricated. I felt clear and grounded in ways I typically don’t.

All these fantastic benefits probably made the nail-biting stressors easier to handle.

By feeling so good I was confronted with how I have grown to just accept not feeling good. I accept almost daily headaches, backaches, and irritability. By the end of last week those things were practically gone.

This helps me confront what else I accept in my life: preservatives and other non-food items in the food my family and I eat, cancer causing chemicals lining cans of beans, toxic chemicals on the lawns in my neighborhood,  and violent images on my night time TV (we don’t even have cable!).

The incredible results I felt during the CFC have helped me decide to limit my gluten and dairy intake on a permanent basis. I not declaring myself gluten and dairy free. But, I am going to avoid both gluten and dairy as much as possible. It’s worth it for how much better I feel.

The more times I do the CFC I recognize the lessons are so much deeper than food. It is about being mindful. Trying something new. Testing my beliefs. Questioning all that I thoughtlessly accept.

I didn’t make any huge life altering changes to the way I ate last week. It was only one week after all.

Eating clean is only as hard as the barriers we put up around it. When we begin to see we’ve constructed so many of the barriers ourselves, possibilities start opening with great ease.

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