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April 24, 2013 2 Comments

I came across Catherine Just and her work early in 2013 when she released her own video interview series on CtheG TV. Catherine’s interviews focus on helping people recognize and embrace their greatness.

Catherine shares that some people are calling her a spiritual teacher. Talking with Catherine felt like just that; our conversation touched me and felt like a lesson in connecting more deeply with myself as a mother and business owner.

I hope that you enjoy being a part of our conversation on fulfillment as women, mothers, creative explorers, business owners and more.



A great gift of doing this interview series is being able to watch the conversations I’ve had again and again. Listening to Catherine brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps the tears were also the ones that wanted to fall as I recalled the pictures of my daughter as an infant looking up at me, but kept away because it didn’t feel like the time to cry while recording the interview.

My conversation with Catherine may have strayed further from the actual Fulfillment questions than other interviews I have done. But within our conversation I know that Catherine and I took a deeper look at what fulfillment can be for us and for all of you.

A few of my favorite pieces of wisdom that Catherine shared are:

“A fulfilled life is being present for it. When we’re not accepting it we’re in suffering.” ~ Catherine Just

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“My inner turmoil only exists because I am feeding it.” ~ Catherine Just

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“Whatever I put my attention on gets bigger.” ~ Catherine Just

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As a photographer Catherine is expert at capturing moments through a physical lens. You can do this with a camera or just by taking a deep breath to frame what is happening in a way that feeds you and those around you, even when it might feel like something that isn’t what you want in the moment.

My challenge for you this week is to frame and re-frame the moments in your life.

Where can you see the more of the beauty in your life? How can you “stay in the room” instead of trying to escape to something else?

Share your thoughts and observations in the comments.



Catherine JustCatherine Just is an instigator for personal transformation. She uses photography as a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth, helping you shift your perception and let go of your limiting beliefs.

You can join Catherine in her new program The Deepening, a four week program beginning May 5th. Registration closes April 30.

All the many ways to connect with Catherine:





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  1. Heather says:

    Love this, love the series and love Catherine, shes awesome! Great interview, and excellent inspiration and food for thought

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