Carolan Deacon on The Fulfilling Life

September 19, 2013 0 Comments

The Fulfilling Life Interviews are back!

I unintentionally took the summer off, and am so excited to be talking fulfillment with so many amazing people. Life fulfillment is a huge a vital topic and one that is so worthy of our time and consideration.

Today I’m sharing my conversation with my beautiful and talented friend Carolan Deacon. Carolan is a Healing Songstress and Illumination of Beauty and Truth. She is also the creator of Ease & Grace Circle, an online program and community helping women use powerful pleasures like music and healing arts to end anxiety and live rich, vibrant lives.

Carolan has a few lovely gifts for you, so be sure to continue reading this post after you enjoy the interview.



Carolan shared her daily practice of setting an intention for her day before she even gets out of bed in the morning. Carolan composed a song that helps you start your day in a powerful new way. Please enjoy the video and Carolan’s soul soothing voice.


As a loving gift for you Carolan is inviting you to enjoy a full month of Ease & Grace Circle for just $1! Try it out and see how you feel greeting each day with ease, peace, clarity and grace. Click here to take advantage of Carolan’s offer.

You can also explore Carolan’s 4 week online program Soul Circle: Autumn’s Awakening.

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