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You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just feel totally comfortable with them? Or maybe you come across a blog and you feel right at home in their online space — their stories are stories you could tell and their way of seeing the world is so like yours you secretly wish you lived in the same town?

This is how I felt when I first “met” Britta Alexander. She exudes a gentle warmth that I just want to be around. And, she is super smart, thoughtful and interesting. Sitting down face-to-face to talk with Britta brought everything I imagined — insights, inspiration and affirmation that I really do wish she lived in my town.

Join Britta and I as we explore how to find fulfillment as busy working moms, and learn how Britta and her husband view radical change as key component of living a fulfilled life.


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By far my favorite piece that Britta shared is how she and her husband believe radical change is a key component of living a fulfilled life.

While the thought of packing up and moving hundreds of miles away with only 3 weeks notice might make your head spin, for Britta this is a part of her path to a fulfilling life. While that might appear hasty and impulsive to some, after talking with Britta it is clear to me that her radical decisions involve lots of mindful conversation around what it will take to live a truly fulfilling life.

It is so obvious to me that Britta thinks very deeply about all the things that are most important to her, and her husband, their business, and of course their children. This means defining values, understanding deeply how they want to feel and making deliberate choices, sometimes radical ones, to move in the direction of a fulfilled life.

The radical decisions are important, and life changing, but so are the little ones. The way Britta chooses to take care of herself with yoga, lemon water and time alone culminate in a life that is focused on not just living, but also on thriving.


Living a fulfilled life means designing a life where you thrive best.

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There are so many ways that you can make choices, big ones and small ones, life changing ones and one that simply help you regroup and face the afternoon with your kids. I can learn from Britta and take some time to really explore what it takes for me to thrive. And then do it, with some radical change thrown in for good measure too.

What helps you thrive? Share your ideas in the comments, and then come back to see suggestions others have left. Let’s all help each other thrive, and move just a little further along our path to fulfillment.


Britta Alexander, Year of the Book, Hudson and Hill, book coach, The Fulfilling Life, fulfillmentBritta Alexander is a compassionate whip-cracker who helps writers do their best work through Year of the Book. She is also a founding partner of EAT Agency, a content-focused digital agency based in New York City. Britta lives in a dreamy riverside village just north of New York City with her husband, two sons, and boy/girl twins on the way.

Here’s where you can find Britta:

Year of the Book blog: Tips on breaking through blocks and doing your best work as a writer

Hudson and Hill: A journey in intentional parenting as an unexpected mom of four

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