To Boston, With Love

April 19, 2013 0 Comments

I know you Boston.

I know your streets which I called home for 2 years of my life. Years of change and growth.

I can see your streets Cambridge, your sidewalks my feet walked for hours exploring your stories, trying to uncover my own.

I know you Memorial Drive, The Charles sparkling on one side, green grass and stately buildings on the other. My road to work, sun rising, ready to greet young minds and give them hope. Where shots rang out in the early hours of today.

I know your hope Boston. You are so full of it.

Mass. Ave, so quiet today. People huddled inside. Staying safe. Unspeakable fear hovering over everyone

I know you Cambridge, Somerville too, where I lay my head and slept soundly, where I laughed and cried and really grew up.

Boston, I know you. I know you are strong. I know you will endure and lift up.

You will shine and inspire.

You will heal.

I know you Boston and I send you my love, the love of the world, draping over you like a blanket.




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