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March 4, 2013 0 Comments

Anna Quindlen quote, becoming yourself, give up on being perfect

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing,

is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work

of becoming yourself.

~Anna Quindlen

Where does it all begin? This process of becoming myself?

Technically I suppose it begins in the very beginning. Every experience worked to shape and mold the person I am today.

There’s been so much pushing a pulling throughout the years. I’ve been subject to outside influences, both positive and negative.

Have you felt that too?

There have been times when I’ve felt completely myself. There have been times when I’ve felt compromised, like I was trying really hard to live some other life, to be someone I was expected to be. There have even been times when I’ve wanted, truly and deeply wanted to be someone so different from myself.

Trying to be someone other than myself never works.

Instead, I practice something really simple.

I stand firm in my beliefs. I stand tall as myself. I claim my individuality, with pride.

If only it was that easy, right?

Here’s what makes it a little easier to swallow. Becoming.

Becoming implies it’s a process, not a fixed destination.

I’m becoming myself.

That is something that I can do.



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