Becky Swanson on The Fulfilling Life

October 16, 2013 1 Comment

I seriously love having deep meaningful conversations with people. I kind-of suck at small talk, so I always do my best to skip right into real conversations.

I know that my love of deep conversations is a huge part of why I am totally in love with my Fulfilling Life interview series.

Another reason I love it is I get the chance to talk to some of my dearest friends. With busy schedules this kind of time is often hard to come by. Today I get to share my chat with one of those dear friends — Becky Swanson.

Becky Swanson is a teacher at heart and through her business, Bloom & Shine, she creates and teaches online courses that combine elements of yoga, creativity, and self-discovery. She also works with individuals and small groups guiding women toward their own rhythm, unique expression, and soul-nourishing beauty-truths so they can live from a place of true connection. Life experience is her teacher as she learns to balance her own work and self-care with being a wife and mother of 3.

Enjoy getting to know Becky and how she lives a fulfilling life.



I love Becky’s honesty and her dedication to teaching really simple ways to both recognize the fulfillment that is already in your life, and to also know that you have the power to create the life you desire.

I am starting Becky’s practice of lighting a mindfulness candle today. I invite you to join me in this practice.

Find a candle — new or old — and put it in a place you frequent during your day. When you notice that you could use a pause, some time to reflect on your gratitudes and your desires, light your candle. As the flame flickers reflect on what you are grateful for, do some conscious daydreaming, and send out blessings to the people in your life. Then, blow out the candle and watch the smoke rise.

I hope the candle helps you too see the fulfillment in your daily moments.

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