An Invitation to Connection

September 27, 2012 0 Comments

One of my very favorite things to do is to gather together with close friends and talk and talk about anything and everything. To share wine or beer or tea and snacks, to laugh and learn and maybe shed some tears. I love it most when the conversations become real, when truths are shared, when bodies shift forward to offer more support.

Truth — in my life right now most of this comes from people I have never met face to face.

Of course I have wonderful friends here I love to be with. I also have forever friends who I know I can call, and often do, when I need that special person who has known me through so much.

And I have my husband, the greatest confidant and support ever. Seriously. He is amazing.

Still, right now most of my current support comes from people I have never met face to face.

Why? Because so much of who I am right now is this work I do. Because my heart and soul are fully invested in my coaching, my writing, this work I do and love. Not everyone in my immediate life (close forever friends and family) understands that. Which is totally okay.

Right now I need connection with people who understand me. I need to connect with people who understand my work, my uniqueness, my love of Instagram and Facebook and even Twitter some days. I need people who help me understand all that I am — my high sensitivity, my introversion, my fears, my gifts.

I am incredibly grateful for my connection with each of you, who allow me the great gift of speaking my truths, and then sometimes saying Yes! right along with me.

All of this is why I created my new small coaching group. I want you to feel and experience the beauty of connection with people who will truly listen, support and be with everything you are.

I also know that you have something great inside, just waiting to come to the surface. That there is something you long to share, to try out, to explore, to propel forward. What would it feel like to have a safe place to do just that? with others ready to listen, really listen, and support you in just the way you need?

Please, join the group if you are called to do so. We are already gathering, saving you a seat, ready to be with you as you Gaze. Unlock. and Open.

All the details are here.

Gaze. Unlock. Open.

  • An intimate group of women to support each other, to support you.
  • Weekly group coaching phone calls (dates, times and details here)
  • A powerful guide to work through on your own.
  • Connection, kindness and loving accountability.
  • 4 weeks.
  • Starting October 22.
  • $25.

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