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October 30, 2013 1 Comment

You know how you have those people where you live who you seem to run into everywhere — the grocery store, the park, out to eat and even at the dentist office? Alisha Sommer is this person for me around the internet.

It finally became overdue for us to connect in real time, and what better way than to have Alisha as a guest on The Fulfilling Life interviews.

Alisha is a wife, a mother of three, and a writer on a journey to examine the power of her words by sharing stories from the soul. She is a truth-sayer, a soul-whisperer, a seeker; a deep thinker, an illuminator and a dreamer; an encourager, an inspirer, a word-crafter. Alisha has made her dream come true with her creation BLACKBERRY: a magazine. She also bares it all on

I just know you are going to love getting to know Alisha and that she will illuminate the fulfillment in your life.

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Talking with Alisha felt like talking with a friend. I identified with so much of what she said about balancing her creative work with her roles as mother and wife and friend.

A theme that came up throughout Alisha’s interview is the importance of connection, both with others and also with yourself. Alisha shared that this isn’t always easy, but when she makes time for connection everyone benefits.

This week I encourage you to pay attention to the connections in your life.

What connections do you value? What connections do you long to have?

As you consider your connections don’t forget your most important connection — your connection to yourself.

Do you feel like you are connected to your true self? Are you clear about what you want from yourself and your life?

Take some time to consider these questions as you move through your days. Perhaps pick up Alisha’s favorite tool, a journal, and write out your thoughts. Explore your connections, and notice the ways you and the people you love thrive when the connections are strong.


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