About Me

I believe everyone can live a fulfilled life. I believe the beauty and inspiration you seek is right there, ready for you to claim it.

I also know that there are days, sometimes many of them, when that beauty feels incredibly far away, days when you feel like your life was supposed to turn out differently. It could be a less-than-stimulating job or the monotony of yet another episode of Dora. Perhaps it’s a much needed career shift or a way of reconnecting with the you that got lost somewhere in the middle of late night nursing sessions and Kindermusik classes.

It may not be any of those things. There’s a good chance that in most ways your life is pretty fantastic. But, you just don’t feel it. You don’t wake up in the morning excited about your day. You hear the tiny voice calling to you, telling you that you can feel better, but you are afraid to ask for more.

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to ask for more.

You see, fulfillment isn’t some picture perfect life that you see in the pages of Real Simple. It isn’t the perfect job, the perfect husband, the perfect nap schedule or even the perfect chai latte with soy milk (although that sure has a special way of perking up my afternoon).

Fulfillment begins with a question — What does it mean to live a fulfilled life? I’m here to help you uncover your answers.

Your answers come as you let your feelings guide you. Things come together as you clearly define your values. When you take time to see the beauty in the way the light shines through your living room window or when you wear your favorite shirt just to go to the grocery store, it’s there, the fulfillment you desire.

I’m here to help you feel it, see it and access it every day.

I have a few secret talents. I have an exceptional ability to see opportunities where others see obstacles. I can hear beneath the layers to what is really going on and sense, before you’re even ready to say it out loud, what you really, truly want. I create a feeling of calm when you can literally feel your head spinning in circles and clarity where there seems to be nothing but chaos.

I help you understand you, so that you can shine, with confidence in everything that you are.

I clear your path to fulfillment. I know you’re ready to take the first step.


Some of the Details that Led me to Life Coaching

Working for years as a therapist informs my life coaching practice. I earned my Masters in Social Work from the #1 ranked Social Work program at the University of Michigan. In graduate school I gained strong therapy skills and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness and strength of community. I also met my husband in the most amazing chance encounter ever.

My background in education provides me unique talents for crafting inspiring courses and activities to take my clients and course participants to a new level of self understanding. I worked for several years as an 8th grade English teacher. I like to think that I worked more like a Life Coach than a teacher — I just used Shakespeare and the beautiful construction of a 5 paragraph essay as the tools for self discovery.

You can find me on Twitter, gabbing on Facebook, indulging in extra-ordinary beauty on Instagram and getting inspired on Pinterest. You can also catch me sipping on chai lattes with soy milk, deep in conversation with my husband, wrestling with my kids, painting, practicing yoga and gazing into the sky seeing all the beauty in the drifting clouds.

Want to learn more about how you can work with me? Head on over to my Coaching page!

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