A Sort of Homecoming

February 23, 2012 0 Comments

“And you hunger for the time
Time to heal, desire, time
And your earth moves beneath
Your own dream landscape”
~from A Sort of Homecoming by U2

This past weekend my family and I enjoyed a short weekend trip to our old home of Pittsburgh. It was the first time our entire family returned to the city we lived in for 6 years, the city where our children were born. We moved away in 2009 and while it took us a while to return, it was well worth the wait.

We had such a wonderful time visiting the museums we used to frequent when Cooper, now 6, was a baby and toddler. The city was sparkling and seemed to welcome us back with open arms.

PittsBurgh by sakeeb

photo by sakeeb

It was wonderful to visit with our dear old friends, to see Cooper laugh and play with his very first friends, children he has known since before he could walk. The way they all played you would think not a moment had passed. The same was true for me, falling right back in step with my friends, talking about our lives, our children, and all that makes life dance along day to day, year to year.

Eleanor and Cooper

There are some tough memories surrounding the time of our move away from Pittsburgh, and the year that followed. But somehow that all stayed in the past, where it belongs. There were no difficult emotions seeing our old house, a house we loved dearly and long for more often than is probably healthy. There was no desire to move back into the fold of familiar and supportive friendships, to give Cooper the gift of life-long friendships.

Instead, there was a total drinking in of the fact that Pittsburgh will always be a place for us — to visit with comfortable familiarity, with friendships that will always be close for the shared experiences of young motherhood and first playmates, a spectacular city of  grand rivers and steep hills, gleaming silver skyscrapers and inspiring museums, the birth-place of my children, our young family’s first home.

Time has healed and cleared the way for new beginnings, new dreams, new landscapes, new adventures. Life is moving along and I am wide open for the journey, my eyes focused on the horizon.

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