A Little Pride and a Whole Lot of Gratitude

December 13, 2011 0 Comments

Can I take a moment a brag a little bit? (Those of you who sew, please don’t giggle at me too much.) Over the weekend I made this:

Handmade Pillow Case

A couple years ago I bought a used sewing machine off Craigslist, with every intention of learning how to sew. But really learning to sew just hasn’t happened. (Other wonderful things have happened instead, like my Perched to Fly, Sparrow Magazine, some knitting, along with lots of play and laughter with my growing babes.) But this weekend I did a little sewing, and successfully made one pillow case.

The motivation for making the pillow case came from my 5 year old. His Kindergarten class, along with many other classes at his school, is doing a service project this month creating special pillow cases for children staying overnight at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The teacher explained the project to the children. My son, being a boy who enjoys joining in and following his teacher’s directions, was very enthusiastic about participating in the project. This meant I had to dust off my sewing machine and make the pillow case.

A couple hours of work (yes, hours to make a pretty simple pillow case), a bit a swearing at my machine and I had actually made the pillow case. Here’s another look at it for you:

Handmade Pillow Case 2

After it all, I have so much gratitude for the entire project. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to try something new, and was successful. I am grateful that my son was given the gift of learning that he can help another child, who he doesn’t even know, feel a little better while staying overnight at the hospital. I am also grateful that my son was able to be a part of making something by hand, by thoughtfully choosing fabric another child would like, helping me measure and pin the project, and watching as I sewed it all together.

I have since learned that the pillows are going to the children’s oncology unit, something the teacher felt was a bit too much to share with the kindergarteners. More than anything, I’m grateful that my son will never use the pillow that we made.

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